How We Work

When you decide to work with Nourish, a multi-midwife practice, it's nice to know who to reach out to and for what. Here's a breakdown of what we do:

Amber attends the bulk of our prenatal visits (Tuesdays in Northfield, MN, Thursdays in Stillwater, MN, home visits and group prenatal visits). She also provides Holistic Pelvic Care™ sessions with clients in our Stillwater space and attends postpartum visits. (Amber is a magical body worker as well — see if you can sweet talk her into some love during one of your visits!) 

Kate handles most-things-administrative. (Need help with some form of paperwork? She's your person.) Kate also attends the home visits and group prenatal visits, does the lab draws and newborn screens, provides postpartum care, makes medicines (herbal and placental) and can administer craniosacral therapy (for newborns and people in the childbearing year). 

Both midwives have the capability of doing all the things (and do do all the things when one or the other of us is indisposed), but we are finding that this clear "division of labor" makes it easier and less-confusing for families, when they have a need and want to know how to reach out (and to who). We (Kate and Amber) spend a lot of time talking to each other, keeping everyone who should be, in the loop. (If you tell one midwife, assume you've told us both.) It's a marriage of sorts, and it works very well. <3