Northfield, MN + Stillwater, MN

Pregnancy Health Coaching & Postpartum Co-Care

northfield, mn + stillwater, mn


If you have chosen to welcome your baby in a hospital and would love to incorporate traditional midwifery into your care, this partnership may be right for you. Up to 9 prenatal visits to help support you through your pregnancy and 4 in-home postpartum visits, to check-in on you and baby (or babies).  


Northfield, MN

Placenta Medicine


Pick up, delivery, capsules, tincture and instructions for use, included.


Postpartum Care

northfield, mn•$800

4 in-home clinical checks for postpartum-person + baby.

Stillwater, MN

Pelvic Care


Holistic Pelvic Care sessions.


Home Birth

PRENATAL SPACE IN stillwater, mn


Prenatal visits, labor and birth support, in-home postpartum and well-baby care for six weeks following birth.


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