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Planning a hospital birth but are also interested in learning how to integrate traditional healing and wellness practices into your pregnancy? We can help. Feel strongly about giving birth at home? We can help you there, too. Looking for a community that can provide love and support? You're in the right place.



Postpartum (the first 6 weeks after birth) is a time of wonder - bonding with your baby, settling in to parenthood (whether for the first time or the tenth time) and falling in love with your family, all over again. Postpartum is also a time of intense, physical healing and can be a season of  isolation and tremendous overwhelm...

Midwives can help. 

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Health & Wellness

Life can feel very full. During the seasons of fullness, our own health and self care is what most often gets pushed to the side, to make room for "all the things". This is so counterproductive, since our health is what allows us to do all of the things we want and need to do. How can we help? 


Home Birth

We serve families between Northfield, MN and Stillwater, MN. Wondering if home birth is a safe option for you? Want to see if we're a good fit for one another? So do we.

Let's schedule a phone call.

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