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Midwife, Northfield, MN

Kate Andrew, CPM

"In 2001 I became a mother. With that transition came an immediate and unyielding reverence for and interest in the full perinatal experience - pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. I have had the privilege of helping families as both a birth and postpartum doula, a hospice center caregiver, a clinical support associate at the Children's Hospital NICU in St. Paul, a childbirth educator and finally, as a midwife."

midwife Cannon Falls, MN
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Amber Labancz, TM

"I never remember a time when I didn't want to work with women, especially as it relates to pregnancy, birth, and aftercare. There was no single instance or epiphany that led me to birthwork. From my early interest in working with women, to the births of my own children, on my continuing journey of motherhood, and through my 15+ years as a doula and practicing midwife, I have never doubted nor wavered in my choice of profession."


midwife hastings, MN
Kate and Amber are so gentle and understanding — and at the same time very powerful in their knowledge and their skills. My home birth experience was beyond anything I expected. It flowed so perfectly, and it was so beautiful and profound! My eyes still swell with tears overtime I think about it.
— Jackie
midwife Woodbury, MN
Not only did they help birth our son, but they helped us be born as parents as well. We looked forward to all of our prenatal appointments, the birth, and the postpartum visits knowing we were in the most caring, knowledgeable, reverent, and intuitive hands.
— Shannon

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