Big Changes: From Kate

Hi! (Kate, here.)

Today, on winter solstice, I sent out a note to many of the families I’ve had the honor of serving over the years. In case you didn’t receive it (it’s really tricky to put together an email list that spans over 14 years of birth work!), I am placing it here.

Happy-Merry and All the Good Things.

Your Pal,


Kate Andrew midwife

Hey there and Happy (almost) New Year!

I'm sending out this big email to let everyone know about a big change:

I am taking some time away from primary care.

(First things first: If you have already signed up for care with me, I am still your midwife and I will do my best not to smother you with midwife-affection; I anticipate getting more and more sappy and sentimental, the closer I get to the finish line. My time-off begins at the end of summer, 2019.)

Stepping away from doing primary care feels weird and uncomfortable and sad and really good. There are lots of things and thoughts and hemming and hawing that went into making this decision, but the biggest deciding factor is that I am going to be "an empty-nester" in just over two years (which is SO WEIRD). Two years is a super-short-time (in midwifery and in parenting) and I want to be as present as possible as I watch and help my babes launch themselves into the world in a brand-new way. Life is big, folks, and short. I don't want to miss out on any of it.

If you're not midwife-ing, what will you be doing??

  • I'll still be baby-catching, tagging along to Amber's births (Wahoo!!!)

  • I'll be more available for families who seek out my hands for bodywork 

  • I'll be more available for people who are planning on hospital births but looking for some pregnancy health-coaching and/or in-home postpartum care

  • I'll continue making plant medicine 

  • I'm signed up for some educational opportunities during this time (I am REALLY excited about this - deepening my knowledge on craniosacral therapy, breathwork and a couple of other things I'm not quite ready to share, yet)

For those of you who need a home birth midwife (for yourself or for a loved one), we've got lots of options! 

  • Amber (duh):

  • There are loads of midwives who travel to the Northfield/Faribault area:

  • Midwives serving the Rochester area include LeAnn van den Bosch, Brenda Burke, Meg Novak and Amber Rudlong

I want to thank you for inviting me into your lives and into your birth spaces... my years with you have been a blessing on my life that I can't quite put into words. Keep in touch, do not be strangers... continue to midwife yourselves and midwife each other. I love you mamas to pieces.

In Gratitude,

-Kate <3

Kate AndrewNourish Midwifery