Amber's Self Care

Self-care for me is in all of the small things — things that can be woven into the reality of my life as a midwife and mother of six. Going to the gym and elaborate events are not my jam. Here are some of the things I do to take care of myself: 

(These are all things kids can be included in. Or not.)



Being out in nature and listening to its music (sounds of water, bird song, leaves crunching, twigs snapping) is self-care at its core and the benefits are endless (grounding, wind is calming to the nervous system, improves sleep). 

● Garden
● Go to the nature center
● Walk the neighborhood with new eyes. Tiny bits of beautiful are everywhere.
● Pull off the main road. Find a new route. Adventure.


● Dancing
● Hiking
● Yoga
● Playing w your kids.
● Don’t try to find the closest parking spot. Park at the back of the lot and walk.

When words fall short, when words are not enough, the power of touch through massage can
heal your mind, body, and spirit... Allow the magic of healing touch to weave into the very fabric
of your life.
— Home Massage, by Chuck Fata and Suzette Hodnett


● Go get a massage or other form of bodywork.
● Incorporate touch and massage into your home. (Kids love to give and get massage. As
a bonus, diffuse your family’s favorite essential oil. Light a candle.)
● Self-massage

midwife St. Paul, MN.JPG
Home is where we first learn to touch and yet touch is often a neglected means of
communication with your family members. When touch through massage becomes a regular
and natural part of family life, touch becomes a household word
— Home Massage, by Chuck Fata and Suzette Hodnett



  • Make everyday things special 
  • Be aware of what’s happening in your body. Where you are in space? What is your handtouching? Your feet? How does your face or shoulders feel? Your breath?


You ALWAYS have access to your breath. Some of the benefits of breath work:

  • Vagal stimulation.
  • Reduces stress
  • Rib expansion
  • Massages your organs
  • Oxygenation

Self-care is not another “task” to add to our already lengthy list of things to do. Caring for ourselves is caring for those we love. It isn’t about doing the fanciest or most expensive things. It isn’t about carving out giant chunks of time in our schedule. It is about snatching all the little moments, that when done over time, add up to being really impactful. 

midwife Stillwater, MN
Kate Andrew