A home birth midwife team that's a fit for you.

You already know you want a home birth - how do you know if Nourish Midwifery is a good fit, to help you through your experience?


Our prenatal space is located in Stillwater, MN. We’re willing to travel if you are, but there are huge benefits to living near your home birth midwife! When you go into labor, want to hear Baby's heartbeat or need help breastfeeding, it can feel so reassuring to know that your midwife is close by. Stillwater is 20 minutes from Woodbury, Saint Paul, Maplewood, White Bear Lake & Roseville, and 30 minutes from Minneapolis and Hastings, MN.


In addition to traditional prenatal care, we occasionally offer group visits. At these visits, you will have the opportunity to get to know other families who are due around the same time as you!


We know that no one knows your body and mind better than you do. We are here to give you guidance and support as you continue to learn and grow in your knowledge of how to care for yourself, creating a strong foundation for the healthiest pregnancy, birth and postpartum, possible.

individualized care

You are your own person - not a number. Our time together will be tailored to your unique experience.


Birth and postpartum are all about planning - and then being open to whatever comes our way. We are prepared. We are here to support you in your plans and we are here to help you change course if the need arises.


They are the perfect blend of knowledgeable,
professional and kind. They have the type of personalities that always make you feel at ease. The care
that we received in the months before and after our birth really set them apart from more traditional
options. I felt that I had personalized care, enough time to get all my questions answered and the ability to
reach out to them any time I was in need.
— Lisa
Our midwife was
spot on with all the stages of progress throughout delivery and provided a fun (yes I said fun!!)
atmosphere. If your birth plan is unable to work out like you wanted, she is there to help you
reassess and develop a new birth plan that includes your needs and values.
— Danielle
The strength that our opinions, desires and voice for how we wanted this experience to go was carried on
throughout the experience. We were truly the focus while maintaining safety and a respectful
relationship. It didn’t feel like they were just doing their job. It felt like we had our friends here.
— Jadee & Ryan



A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due at the time of your initial prenatal visit and is applied to the midwifery fee. The balance of the midwifery fee is due in full by 36 weeks of pregnancy and can be paid in whatever intervals work best for you. 


Q: what does the home birth fee include?

a: the home birth fee includes all of your midwifery care throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

Prenatal Care
Up to one-hour visits every:
-4 weeks from start of care to 28 weeks pregnancy
-2 weeks from 28 weeks – 36 weeks pregnancy
-1 visit per week until the birth of your baby
-1 home visit between 35-37 weeks pregnancy

Labor and Birth Support
Your midwives will arrive at your home during active labor and stay with you through the immediate postpartum period (3-4 hours on average)
Your midwives will file the necessary paperwork for obtaining a birth certificate and social security card for your little one
Full newborn exam
Birth tub, for comfort during labor and/or for waterbirth (optional)
Tidying up of the labor and birth space, prior to midwife’s departure

Postpartum Care
In-home postpartum visits in the first 2 weeks postpartum and 2 in-office postpartum visits between 3-6 weeks postpartum
Continued access to your midwives via phone and email
Well-Baby care for the first 6 weeks of life “outside”
Administration of the Minnesota Department of Health’s Newborn Screens, between 24 – 36 hours after birth:

  • Newborn Blood Spot Screen

  • Newborn Hearing Screen

  • Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screen

Breastfeeding support and education
12 hours of postpartum doula support (in addition to your midwife visits)


q: are there any additional fees, associated with a nourish home birth?

a: yes.

Insurance Billing — $150

Placenta encapsulation is offered at a discounted price to our home birth clients — $150

Newborn Bloodspot Screening (lab expense) — $150, if not billing to insurance

Birth Supply Kit — <$100

Birth Tub Liner — <$50

Labs, screens, medications and ultrasounds — costs vary, depending on your insurance plan and the price lists of the individual companies that provide these items and services

Care with other providers — costs vary, depending on your insurance plan and the price lists of the individual companies that provide these services


q: do you work with insurance companies and/or health shares?

a: yes.

We don't bill insurance, but we have a company that we recommend that can do that for you. Nourish Midwifery will provide any and all information the billing and insurance companies need from us, to help you get the best reimbursement possible. For health shares, we are happy to create an invoice for care that can be submitted for reimbursement.




We have a refund policy in place for families that need a transfer of care. Refunds are given, minus fees paid for care already given, for families who transfer care prior to 36 weeks of pregnancy. There are no refunds for transfers of care that take place at or after 36 weeks of pregnancy.