Postpartum Care

“Today, in the United States, many of us push ourselves back into the same routines we’d had prior to giving birth, loooooong before we are ready. Physical and emotional exhaustion can lead to a wide variety of health problems - including postpartum depression. 
Contrast our modern-day American experience with other cultures around the globe where, traditionally, mothers and their families are cared for daily by members of their community: grandmothers, aunts, friends, neighbors, or even a person or team of people hired by the family to help. In these post-birth traditions, new mothers are fed foods and drinks that nourish their healing bodies, they are massaged, bathed and supported emotionally into their new role as “Mother.” ”


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Midwife Visits $75

It is typical in hospital birth practices for mom and baby to see their care provider 1-2 times, after birth. For many, this leaves a gap of several weeks where one is left to wonder, Is this normal? Is my baby getting enough to eat? Is my body healing correctly? I wish I had someone to ask, without getting everybody in the car and going somewhere...

We have another option: In-home postpartum visits with an experienced midwife.


  • A warm mug of tea in your hand and time and space to talk. You can ask questions and talk about whatever you’d like to talk about — your birth, how your night went, how the adjustment to life with this baby (or babies) is going, how you are feeling physically/emotionally/mentally/spiritually — whatever you’d like to talk about.

  • Clinical Checks for You: Measure your pulse and blood pressure, feel your fundal height, assess your bleeding, perineum and/or incision healing and breast health.

  • Check-in On Baby: We can listen to heart and breath sounds, do a weight and length check and perform basic head-to-toe exams. We can also talk about and answer questions regarding newborn behavior, growth patterns and developmental milestones.

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Recommendations on how to feel your best and referrals to other practitioners if you need additional support.

If this type of in-home support sounds like something you would like to add into your postpartum care plan, click on the link below, to setup your first visit.

Visits are approximately 45 minutes long. Offered in Northfield, MN and Stillwater, MN.

Lying-In: Postpartum Doula Care $80

“Mothering the Mother” is a good way to describe what postpartum doula care looks like. We, along with many others, believe that mothers need the same things their babies need: nourishing food, warmth, loving care, physical touch and a clean, safe environment. When we care for you, we believe that care extends to your baby (or babies).

Here is what a typical visit looks like:

  • a mug of something warm, in your hand

  • some type of bodywork

  • a therapeutic bath (or footbath, if you don’t have a full tub)

  • a nutritious meal prepared

  • a fresh set of sheets on your bed and a freshened-up bathroom, kitchen and bedroom

Sessions are approximately 2 hours long. Offered in Northfield, MN and Stillwater, MN.

Combination: Midwifery and Postpartum Doula Care $150

Want both types of support? Sounds super-dreamy. We can do that.

What Families Love About In-Home Postpartum Care

So many amazing things… one major notable difference between my hospital birth and home birth was a significantly lower stress level, regarding postpartum checkups. Not only knowing I was going to be heard and cared for (not just my infant) and my voice for my infant would be heard, but not having to take my newborn into a clinic with a zillion germs.


I couldn’t have done it without the bodywork! You are a godsend!!!


Not having to getup and drag me and baby anywhere. Not having to interrupt finding our rhythm, having to be around lots of other people or dealing with waiting rooms. Getting to enjoy that close, quiet, nurturing bonding time without interruption.


It’s great having someone to talk to when taking care of your body and baby is all that you do 24/7, it’s nice to have someone to talk to about these things.


Honestly, just looking forward to seeing our midwives and seeing so seen, loved and affirmed. The most nourished I’ve ever felt.


Not having to leave my house for care! Being able to stay in my bed, in my jammies, snuggled up with baby, rather than schlepping myself and the kid downtown.


Definitely not having to go anywhere, but a close second was the foot rubs!


For sure with this winter, not having to bundle up a baby and two kids and do three carseats to get to appointments.



Why do I need to schedule a phone call? Can’t I just schedule a visit?

Since these visits are offered in-home, the logistics are trickier than an office visit. If you’d rather email than call, that’s totally fine! You can reach us at:

Can I bill my insurance for this kind of care?

We don’t work with insurance companies for our postpartum care, but you might be able to use your HSA or Flex-Spending account (check with your insurance carriers for the rules on this).

A bath sounds nice - so does body work. How do I do this with a baby?

During bodywork, your babe can lay right next to you (and can go in the tub with you too)! If you would feel more relaxed doing these things solo, we will happily snuggle your baby while you soak your muscles in the tub. As an alternative, you can invite someone from your chosen community to love on your babe while we love on you - whatever sounds best to you!

I really want to give these visits as a gift to my friend - is there a way to do this?

YES! Postpartum support is an amazing gift to give to your loved one! Schedule a phone call or send us an email and we’ll guide you through setting this up. You can purchase a gift certificate and we’ll include our contact information for your friend to set up their visit(s).

How does the meal prep work?

Choose a meal and have the ingredients on hand (groceries can be delivered by your grocer or a loved one can pick them up for you) in time for your visit. We’ll do the rest. Want some incredible inspiration for postpartum-focused nutrition? Check out the book The First Forty Days. It’s our favorite.

I feel selfish asking for this kind of care… but I really want it…

Not so much a question, but let us say this: IT IS NOT SELFISH TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BODY AND MENTAL/EMOTIONAL/SPIRITUAL HEALTH. You are a beautiful human and an incredible parent — we, as a global community, need and want you to be well. We can support you as you take these steps toward a healthier-you.