Hi! We're New, Here! (Kind of.)

On a snowy day in March, two midwives sat down to tea. They were meeting one another for the first time, but they connected quickly — conversation was easy, tea mugs were refilled and a new midwife-friendly relationship was formed. Fast-forward (almost three years later) and here we are: Kate Andrew, Amber LaBancz and our beautiful Nourish Midwifery.

Southern Minnesota Midwifery and Nourish Midwifery & Massage have decided to make it official and join themselves into one wonderful practice. We (Kate and Amber) are excited to continue serving families together and are so thankful for all of you who have entrusted yourselves (and your babies) into our care these past couple of years.

Anything this good is worth the wait... thank you for your continued love and support.

Be Well. Be Loved. Be Nourished.


midwives Twin Cities, MN